A Faith Driven Speaker Like No Other

Daniel St.Pierre delivers powerful biblical messages at a critical time in American history.

daniel's Mission

Daniel St.Pierre strives to provide valuable tools & advice to help you bring glory to God in all you do.


Because he loves God and he is grateful for His blessings upon his life, Daniel is encouraged to bring the Lord glory not only on Sundays, but EVERY DAY. This is why Daniel is a student and teacher of the holy Word of God.


Since 2003, Daniel's faith driven online properties have been blessed to be a blessing by providing free online resources including Bible studies, Live Prayer & Counseling as well as Christian tracts to help advance the gospel and further the Kingdom of God.


With over 20 years of consulting experience helping individuals and businesses alike, Daniel provides answers to questions that relate to introducing or strengthening faith in the workplace, with both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Daniel's Latest Publication

The Daniel Fast

It's Never Been Easier To Honor Your Temple For God's Glory!

Fasting Is Biblical!

Fasting is a proven way to bring us closer to God. It's also a powerful tool that's been used for ages to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Fasting Is Not Starving!

When you fast, you still provide your temple with everything it needs to thrive, but since fasting is sacrificial, it does involve holding back on dead foods.

User Friendly PDF Format

The Daniel Fast is produced in PDF (Portable Document Format), and can be viewed using desktop or laptop computers, tablets and most mobile phones.

Instant Download

Since The Daniel Fast is delivered electronically upon purchase, you don't have to wait for your book to ship!

Daniel's Audiences

Daniel St.Pierre provides speaking and consulting services to both for-profit & non-profit organizations.

For-Profit Businesses

As a breakout session speaker, team building leader, custom session presenter, keynote speaker or even motivational speaker, Daniel St.Pierre is a clear choice for your event ensuring a passionate, faith driven and content rich delivery.

Non-Profit Enterprises

Because his success story is such a powerful source of inspiration, Daniel's sermons and ministry outreaches have been hailed as life changing. From being homeless in 2002 to thriving as a micro farmer and small business owner, Daniel St.Pierre's journey continues to enthrall audiences of all ages.

Serve The Lord With All Your Heart

"I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do."

John 17:4


Are you interested in booking a true servant of God for your Event?

As a breakout session speaker, custom session presenter, keynote speaker or even motivational speaker, Daniel St.Pierre is a clear choice for your event ensuring passionate, content rich delivery.

Keynote Speech And Church Sermon
Price: $475

With over 1,100 radio & TV appearances under his belt, Daniel will deliver a powerful keynote speech or church sermon that will inspire your audience and entice each one to further devote their time, energy and passion into bringing glory to God.

Maximum 90 Minutes - Travel Not Included

Mentoring & Team Building Sessions
Price: $375

Serving as a mentor, Daniel will custom design a message which he will deliver to your team or group, making certain to engage each member and lead them to focus on serving the Lord with a renewed point of view.

Maximum 60 Minutes - Travel Not Included

Motivational Sessions
Price: $275

Blessed to embody the American Dream, Daniel will pour out an overflowing river of hope by sharing his unique life experience in areas that are close to the hearts of the individuals in his audience.

Maximum 45 Minutes - Travel Not Included

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Meet Daniel St.Pierre

A Humble Servant of The Risen Savior

A devoted servant of the Lord working from the sunshine state, Daniel is first and foremost a husband and a father.

He is also blessed to serve God as a passionate public speaker with over 30 years stage experience.

Since 1980, in both English and French, Daniel has participated in over 1,100 internet, television and radio shows as well as print interviews to news outlets in the United-States, Canada and Europe.



Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm Eastern

Phone: (727) 674-5681