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Daniel St.Pierre's latest keynote, or Sermon titled "On The Narrow Path" is an epic, 45 minute journey through the life of a disciple of Jesus, the risen Christ.

Backed by powerful slides and captivating multimedia clips, this proprietary keynote provokes audiences to fully commit to Christ and surrender to His divine plan for our lives through prayer, worship, fellowship and bible study.

While the keynote itself is hailed as "awe inspiring," for best results, all programs utilizing the "On The Narrow Path" presentation should include ongoing accountability and empowering.

For more about this keynote, see Daniel's latest white paper titled "Boost" for tips how to implement and manage powerful, interactive accountability programs.

About Daniel St.Pierre...

A devoted servant of the Lord working from the sunshine state, Daniel is a passionate public speaker with over 20 years stage experience.

Since 1980, in both English and French, Daniel has participated in over 1,200 internet, television and radio shows as well as print interviews to news outlets in the United-States, Canada and Europe.

Described as a powerful, bold speaker, his presentations and keynotes are engaging and in some cases, life changing. Addressing modern Christian lifestyles and more importantly the immorality therein, Daniel's presentations feature the utmost in biblical edification.

His word inspired keynote presentation titled "On the Narrow Path" utilizes engaging photographs, professionally designed graphics and award winning multimedia authoring which significantly impact audiences large and small.

Daniel is more than a professional Christian keynote speaker; He is a self taught photographer, web producer and internet marketing expert. He is also a husband to a wonderful, godly wife, Elizabeth and a father of four daughters, Grace, Trinity, Faith and Mercy.

Daniel St.Pierre is a leader of several ministries and sole owner of numerous businesses which include Glorious Media Group, an award winning web production company, the Cybergenica Company, a leading faith driven internet marketing agency, the Thrive Through Christ Ministries, a web based non-denominational ministry, and many more.

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On the Narrow Path - A Powerful Keynote by Daniel St.Pierre
This 30-45 minutes keynote presentation is targeted at Christian audiences of all ages. Powered by the Holy Spirit, this presentation features compelling visual anchors as well as a passionate delivery by professional public speaker Daniel St.Pierre.

This presentation is arranged in the following sections:

> "Speaker introduction" during which he introduces himself, shares his bio and talks about his life before he was saved.
> "My Testimony," powerful description of the day Daniel was saved at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.
> "The Road Since," a descriptive list of steps taken by Daniel since his rebirth in Christ.
> "Your Path," the meat of this presentation during which Daniel addresses luke warm Christians and introduces a unique accountability program by which participants are provided biblical guidance along their walk on the narrow path.
> Optional 10-15 minute "Question Period" when answers to questions are provided as part of the presentation.

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